Auto Insurance Tips

At Hunt & Dopson our mission is to provide insurance protection in case of major disasters like fire, wind, explosions etc.

However claim prevention is also part of what we do. Below are some tips that will help keep you and your property safe in case of car accidents resulting in bodily injury or property damage.

What determines how much you pay for your automobile insurance

There are many factors involved in determining the amount somebody will pay for their automobile insurance. Factors such as the drivers' age and driving experience; the number of tickets and/or accidents, how the vehicle is used, and where the driver lives are all factors. In addition to these, the type of vehicle being insured is also a major factor. The insurance industry uses statistics to calculate the likelihood a vehicle will be stolen, or damaged in a collision, and the average amounts that are paid out for these incidents.

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How to prevent vehicle theft

  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • Never leave your keys in the vehicle.
  • Turn off the ignition whenever you leave the car, especially in winters!
  • Avoid parking on the street.
  • Conceal items left in your car, keep things in the trunk and avoid leaving money or compact discs in the open.
  • Try and park the vehicle in a well-lit, well-guarded, visible area.
  • Install an anti-theft deterrent such as car alarm or an ignition disabler.
  • Participate in the neighbourhood programs.

Vehicle safety and maintenance

  • Read your vehicle owner's manual to understand its maintenance needs.
  • Maintaining your vehicle according to the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule help in going a long way in extending the life of the vehicle and spotting minor problems before they become major!
  • Have your vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic whenever you notice a change in braking or handling, also when you schedule to go for a long drive or holiday in your car.
  • Ensure the brakes are properly maintained at all times, they are an important component and protect you and other passengers in the car from the potential harm.

Child restraint safety

  • It is important to install a child's restraint seat properly.
  • Read the manufacturer's installation instructions thoroughly.
  • Many police departments have programs to help with proper installation, also check Transport Canada's website to find out the latest developments pertaining to some new specifications on the child seats. For example, the booster seats law put in place recently.

Drinking and driving

Drinking and driving has been the cause of many fatal and unfortunate accidents resulting in serious injuries and loss of life on our roadways. The following organizations can give some statistics and information pertaining to drinking and driving.